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30-50 bookings per month from online marketing after years of disappointment working with generic agencies


We met at an Oticon conference in New York in 2018. At the end of our presentation, Quenton jumped up and yelled “I want to marry you!.. I’ve been looking for something like this forever!” He had a website and tried some marketing with a large national agency and then a company local in his market but had little success. Not many bookings were coming through the website and he couldn’t tell what was working. He had a great local brand in his market, but it just wasn’t translating to anything tangible.


Once we got things going for Quenton, the results ramped up quickly. He said that before Zoolstra, he was lucky to get a form fill on his site every few weeks before working with us and now it was 1 or 2 a day! He now dominates his local rankings for the search terms that convert and has a large volume of calls every month.

A word from Our Partner

"There are lots of people out there offering services to our industry that don't know anything about hearing care, and Zoolstra does"

Quenton Currie
Owner at Red Door Hearing & Speech

Red Door Hearing & Speech

Short Term Results
15-20 bookings per month within the first 90 days

Long Term Results
Averaging 30-50 bookings per Month at a Cost of only $18 Per Booking

Clinic Owner
Quenton Currie
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30-50 Bookings Per Month From Online Marketing

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