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From frustrated after investing in a poor converting website and marketing to 250+ Incoming Calls Per Month And A 485% Increase In Profitability


When we first met Kathleen she expressed concerns that her website wasn’t doing enough to get new clients. She was frustrated that she had spend a lot of money and time on a site that was getting no results.


Kathleen's clinic currently generates over 250 calls monthly thanks to Zoolstra’s strategy and has enjoyed a 485% increase In profitability in 4 years.

Zoolstra has shown the prof team how to handle incoming calls more effectively and enhanced sales training to help sell higher value unites to customers.

A word from Our Partner

"I would highly recommend Zoolstra if you want your practise to grow profitably."

Kathleen Jones
Owner at professional audiology Clinic

Professional Audiology Clinic

Short Term Results
Doubled their incoming calls in under 90 days

Long Term Results
250+ incoming calls per month and a 485% increase in profitability

Clinic Owner
Kathleen jones
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From the #11 ranked clinic in their region to the #1 ranked clinic

250+ Incoming Calls Per Month And A 485% Increase In Profitability

30-50 Bookings Per Month From Online Marketing

405 Inbound Calls And Over 137 Booked Appointments Every Month