Case study | Lemonade Hearing

From opening her doors to a thriving clinic in months 


We began working with Lemonade Hearing about 2 years ago. Owner Selina Mauro purchased the start up clinic and needed to get her online presence solidified. We worked with her every step of the way, from setting up her website to her online advertising.


We scaled her clinic from scratch to see on average 10 to 15 new bookings monthly within 90 days of opening. The clinic is in a very rural area, so generating adequate traffic was a greater challenge than a clinic based in a bigger city.

Like any new business, there were some hiccups along the way, and we were there to provide extra support as needed to keep the focus on growth. Results are important, but so is support, responsiveness and service to keep it all moving along!

A word from Our Partner

"I can say with confidence that the majority of my patients and sales that are coming through are a result of the marketing that Zoolstra has helped me with"

Selina Mauro
Owner at Lemonade Hearing

Lemonade Hearing

Short Term Results
10 to 15 new bookings monthly within 90 days of opening

Long Term Results
A steady predictable flows of quality leads

Clinic Owner
Selina Mauro
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From Opening Her Doors To A Thriving Clinic In Months