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From the #11 Ranked Clinic In Their region To The #1 Ranked Clinic for 5 years straight


When we first met Dr. Towers he had a fantastic brand and service approach yet in a town of over 100,000 people no one knew his practice existed. 

His site ranked dead last versus his 10 other competitors in town and he had run digital advertising with little success.


Within the first 90 days Drew was seeing an average of 10-15 new patients monthly as a result of Zoolstra’s efforts.

We have now worked with Dr. Towers for over 4 years and are pleased to share that he ranks 1 for all major client focused keywords in his area and has average sales volume of 80 units monthly.

A word from Our Partner

"I've gone from 11th in my area to #1 and a lot of that is owed to Zoolstra"

Drew Towers
Owner at Hear Well Audiology

Hear Well Audiology

Short Term Results
10-15 additional new patients per month in under 90 days

Long Term Results
From the #11 Ranked Clinic In Their Area To #1 Ranked Clinic

Clinic Owner
Drew Towers
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From the #11 ranked clinic in their region to the #1 ranked clinic

250+ Incoming Calls Per Month And A 485% Increase In Profitability

30-50 Bookings Per Month From Online Marketing

405 Inbound Calls And Over 137 Booked Appointments Every Month