Case study | Calgary Hearing Aid

How we helped Calgary Hearing Aid generate over 405 inbound  calls and over 137 booked  appointments every month  using our OC8 Method™️


We have worked with Ian Campbell and his team at Calgary Hearing Aid & Audiology for the past 12 years. When we started with them, they had minimal online presence and marketing and had no idea what it would take to make it work.

By setting up the proper tracking and analytics, we were able to build an understanding of what their audience was looking for, and what channels would work best for their business. Through this process of data interpretation and the resulting decisions that we implement as a result of that, we have been able to grow their monthly calls from under a 100 monthly to now a consistent volume of over 400 each and every month.


Paid marketing has gone from being non-trackable to generating leads at a cost of 35 / lead. This has made them the dominant independent clinic in their area and they are able to aggressively scale because they know what works and how much revenue it generates.

This has resulted in an average of over 137 booked appointments every month. It's a system that contributes to solid, predictable growth, month after month. Zoolstra’s OC8 system builds an appointment generating system for hearing clinics that is scalable, predictable, and profitable.

Calgary Hearing Aid & Audiology

405 Inbound Calls And Over 137 Booked Appointments Every Month

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405 Inbound Calls And Over 137 Booked Appointments Every Month