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Using our Complete Conversion System™️ we'll get you a minimum of 5 additional audiology patients per month within the first 90 days GUARANTEED, or you don't pay.

in the first 90 days Our average marketing partner (not our best):


Customers served! 0 Customers served!

new incoming calls/month


Customers served! 0 K Customers served!

in additional new patient revenue

Sees a

Customers served! 0 % Customers served!

increase in conversions from organic traffic

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You don't need another generic marketing agency, you need a Specialized marketing partner

Let's be honest, if generic marketing agencies worked you wouldn't be reading this.

Most agencies focus too much on vanity metrics like engagement, clicks, traffic, etc, and not enough on conversions, leads, booked assessments, and the only real metric that matters, SALES.

We call BS.

At Zoolstra, we specialize in one thing and one thing only...

Partnering with and scaling Audiology clinics.

We don't work with other random businesses like as dentists, chiropractors, restaurants, car dealerships, eCommerce brands etc.

No No...

We believe that exceptional results are only achieved through laser focus and hyper specificity...

So we've spent the past 5 years testing and iterating the most powerful system for scaling audiology clinics so we can squeeze out every last dollar from our partners traffic and ad budget.

You see unlike most agencies we work on a performance basis meaning we get paid on how much money we generate for you, NOT some random retainer or a % of how much money you spend as this way incentives are perfectly aligned and both parties are motivated toward one universal goal...

Maximizing your sales!!!

With our proven Complete Conversion Process™️ we optimize, and more importantly attribute, the entire sale all the way from the initial click right up to the first payment being processed.

This end to end agency model allows us to create a positive feedback loop by sending your sales data back into our traffic generating systems so we can identify the winners and spend more of your marketing budget on the campaigns that are driving the most revenue.

So what does all of this technical jargon mean for you?

Well first off, it means no more stress or anxiety about where your next patient is going to come from.

It means no more guessing which campaigns are generating your leads and sales so you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are being distributed correctly.

It means a lower cost per lead, more conversions from your existing traffic, more sales, and more revenue/profit for your clinic.

It means that you'll finally have the predictable patient acquisition system you've been praying for.

But more importantly, it means you'll finally have found the specialist marketing partner that you can trust and scale with longterm.

So if you are sick and tired of paying big retainers to a bunch of generalist amateurs and getting nothing but excuses then maybe it's time you partnered with a team of specialists who are willing to put skin in the game and their money where their mouth is.

our Growth guarantee

we'll get you at least 5 new paying patients every month or we'll pay

100% of your marketing and advertising fees

Still Not convinced? Numbers Don't Lie!

In the first 90 days our average audiology partner (not our best) achieves the following:

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Integer posuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus posuere: $ 0 k In additional new patient revenue
Integer posuere erat a ante venenatis dapibus posuere: 0 % Increase in conversions on current organic traffic
Case studies

Check out what our existing audiology partners have to say about us... 

From #11 ranked clinic in their area to the #1 ranked clinic in months


Hear Well Audiology

Short Term Results
10-15 Additional New Patients Per Month In Under 90 Days

Long Term Results
From #11 ranked clinic in their area to #1 ranked clinic

Drew Towers

From Frustrated After Investing In A Poor Converting Website And Marketing To 250+ Incoming Calls Per Month And A 485% Increase In Profitability


Professional Audiology Clinic

Short Term Results
Doubled Their Incoming Calls In Under 90 Days

Long Term Results
250+ Incoming Calls Per Month And A 485% Increase In Profitability

Clinic Owner
Kathleen Jones
Our secret weapon

Our complete Conversion System™️

Step #1


Using our proven organic and performance traffic campaigns we go out into your local market and put you in front of the most high intent patients who are currently looking for a clinic in your area to serve their needs. 

Step #2


Most clinicians websites simply don't convert and valuable sales slip through the cracks. We build you a brand new beautiful, conversion focused website designed with one clear focus, squeeze out every last conversion from your existing traffic!

We've A/B tested our websites and landing pages across over 50 North American based audiology clinics so you get to benefit from the hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing on someone else's dollar and we can hand you a conversion optimized website right out of the box.

Step #3

Appointment booking

Sick of calling leads manually? Don't worry, our software will do all the heavy lifting for you. Using the power of automated workflows we'll follow-up with your leads using email, sms, ringless voicemail, chatbots, etc. Most clinics contact their leads 1-2 times and then give up. We contact your leads 1-2 times in the first 5 minutes! Our software alone has increased our clinics conversion rates by up to 42% out of the box.

Meet the team

Meet your new growth Partners

Todd Dean

Founder & Head Of partner acquisition

Matt Dean

Founder & Head of Marketing
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